January Home Maintenance Checklist

There’s something magical about a white Christmas… but a snowy January? Not so much. With winter bringing below freezing temps and sending us into Netflix and chill mode, we’ve compiled a list of easy (and often forgettable) cleaning tasks to keep your house in tip—top shape. Kick off 2018 with the gift of a clean house, and stay warm out there!


In the Kitchen

  • Sanitize the garbage disposal and dishwasher – Put ice cubes of frozen lemon juice, or cubes of frozen vinegar down the disposal to help knock off the build up off the interior blades.
  • Deep clean kitchen cabinets – Wipe down with a cleaning product, especially in spots exposed to the mess of cooking.
  • Disinfect the trashcan – Use hot, soapy water and if you can, hose it down using strong water pressure.
  • Purge the refrigerator – Clean out all unwanted food, then soak drawers and shelves in warm water with dish soap. Clean the inside of the fridge with a sponge, using baking soda on harder stains, not disinfectants.
  • Deep clean the oven and microwave – Run the self clean cycle or apply baking soda and vinegar paste to spills. Wash oven racks with soapy water as needed.



  • Wash mattress and pillow covers – Most are machine washable, but check labels.
  • Pillows and comforters – Most washers and dryers have a sanitize or allergen setting, while some need to be washed by hand and air dried.
  • Flip the mattress – Alternate between end-over-end flips (vertical) and side-to-side flips (horizontal). This keeps the mattress from sagging or chronic wear from sleeping in the same position.
  • Dust and vacuum headboards and bed frames – One of the easiest spots in your home to miss.



  • Change your shower liner – If there’s any tinge of color that was not part of the original liner, toss it. It’s a hot spot for bacteria.
  • Wash your bath mats – Mats easily develop mildew, especially if left damp. They also retain dirt and germs.
  • Shower walls – Use warm water and an antibacterial spray to protect against discoloration, hard water marks and mold.
  • Disinfect the shower head – Remove the shower head and soak in white vinegar. Buildup here can lead to poor water pressure.


Here, There, & Everywhere

  • Sanitize light switches & doorknobs – Wipe down with a cleaning product to stop the collection of germs through daily use.
  • Wash pet beds – Vacuum first, then remove the cover. Follow instructions for washing, then wash separate from your clothing. Pet beds collect hair, dander and dirt.
  • Dust ceiling fans – Spray the inside of a large plastic bag with white vinegar, then put the bag around each fan blade to trap and remove dust. Wipe down with a cloth to get the remaining dust.
  • Laundry areas – Use a dryer brush kit to remove lint from inside the dryer vent cavity ; Run the washing machine with a cleaning packet (available at most stores) as the inside of the machine can get stained, mildewy, or develop buildup ; Carefully vacuum around, behind and under the machines, especially near outlets and electrical cording.