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Dani is hands down the best realtor my wife and I have ever worked with. We’ve had experience buying and selling homes with 3 other realtors over the past 10 years. None of them come close to Dani’s expertise, awareness, and execution.

We worked recently with Dani to purchase 2 investment properties, and plan to work with her on more future purchases. The entire experience has been incredibly smooth.

Here is where Dani truly excels:

  • Diligence – Dani is in tune with every step of the process and often thinking 5 steps ahead. She keeps her promises no matter how small.
  • Communication – Dani will call, email, text…you name it. She’s very connected, willing to explain any detail, and strives for a mutual understanding throughout the process.
  • Market Knowledge – Dani adds value with insight and understanding of the property, area, and the temperature of the market in general.
  • Network – Dani has an extensive network of connections who provide value add services.
    I have complete faith in working with and recommending Dani as a realtor and trusted partner throughout the process.

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